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What the heck is Blimey? It’s an expression apparently used by the brits to express surprise. However, in this case, it’s the name of a boutique agency (a fancy term for an ad agency) that is supposed to be operating in Dhaka with its headquarter located in the UK.

One of my students referred me to their innovative job vacancy post on Facebook and I was like… Blimey! This is some new shit. Since the post looked promising, I decided to apply for the art director’s position, which was of course listed in their post.

A few days after the application, I received an email, supposedly from their Dhaka office. They asked me if I was available for an e-meeting? I agreed and was given a scheduled UK time and informed me that the interview will last for 45 minutes. This made me wonder, why not mention the local time? They leaned towards their own convenience, I guess. A couple of days later, I attended the virtual interview and was greeted by the co-founder.

Enter Raad Kildani

A seemingly nice Jordanian man who happens to be settled in the UK. I did a quick search online and found very little to nothing about him, so I’m not really sure what’s his background. However, from my previous experiences working with Jordanians in the UAE, I’ve learned that most of them are made of plastic, manipulative and present themselves to be more than what they actually are. So not a positive experience overall. But you can’t judge one person based on their race, right?

The 2 Hour-Long Interview

It wasn’t an average interview where they ask those copy-paste questions to look cool. This was more of a discussion over brunch. He had that typical Arab accent in his English and the opening was quite nice, he asked me what sparked my interest in their job vacancy?
I told him what I felt, that it was different from the rest, looked promising and proper. He was quite happy to hear that from me. We continued to discuss the shitty situation of Bangladeshi malpractices that ruined the local creative industry and things of that sort.

Although it was a discussion, he spoke 80% of the time. Which is good, it allowed me to observe. I was starting to get that “Jordanians present themselves to be more than what they actually are” vibe as he went on about himself having worked on many, many projects. But I discarded any skeptical feelings since I hadn’t heard the whole story.

After some more jibber-jabber about greek work culture/philosophy and creative-freedom, we finally came down to the fun stuff. He believed that I don’t deserve the art director’s position (even after possessing a decade’s worth of experience and having previously worked as art director) and I’d be more suited for a motion designer’s position. He said people just wanna be art directors to manage a team. He is also the creative director of Blimey! London himself… Talk about wanting to manage a team, haha. He then asked me if I would be interested in the motion designer’s position? I honestly told him I’m not looking to kill my brain and that I’m mentally frustrated with the amount of work that goes into motion design. But I was curious to know the package he’d prepared, so I said yes I’d be interested.

The Arrow to the Knee

He asked me what was my last salary? I answered him and he said I deserved more. This gave me hope that finally, I’ve met an employer who recognizes quality. But then he offered me BDT 60,000. That was my last fucking salary, dude. Did I mention the majority of Jordanians are manipulative?

In the UK, a motion designer’s average monthly salary is BDT 250,000. He is offering me only 24% of that amount. If he’d offered at least 40% of that, I would’ve taken the job, but sadly he didn’t. But he kept oiling me by showing me his agency portfolio. Which honestly wasn’t the best and I’ve seen way better, he also showed me a photo of an office, which he claimed to be a 3D render and that this is how the Dhaka office will be. It was a nice office photo, by the way.

Will Let You Know

Just like the typical local companies, he said he’ll let me know when there’s an update. After 2 fucking weeks, they sent me another email asking if I could do free work for them to prove my *ahem* candidacy? Why the fuck do people have portfolios and resumes then?

The end.

11 Replies to “Blimey! London”

  1. Jaxgir says:

    amio apply korecilam vai amake to dakee nai

  2. S. Alom (Rony) says:

    I never heard of this agency. I just ran a search on FB and saw their page, looks very poor in quality. I don’t think they’re worth your time bro. Good decision.

    • Mustafa says:

      The quality might be poor because they don’t have a team at the moment. However, I’m sure it’s the work of a boot-lickin Bangali. Thanks.

  3. najmulaaa says:

    i think its fake company vai hahahahahaa

  4. Asad says:

    Same old stupid corporate tricks but I think 60 is not bad.

    • Mustafa says:

      True, 60 is not a bad salary considering the fact that everything is normal, and that you stay closer to your work place. However, we’re in the middle of a pandemic and Uber and Pathao have halted bike ride share services. So you’re forced to take a car, which is like Tk 500 from my place to their office (Bashundhara RA). That’s like a thousand bucks a day and around 30,000 a month.

  5. Ruhul says:

    আমার মনে হয় ৬০ হাজার খুব ভালো একটি অফার।

  6. kunji says:

    2.5 lac is normal for UK living standards brother.

    • Mustafa says:

      Did you know? Suzuki Bangladesh pays BDT 100,000 as salary to their graphic designer. I got a similar offer at RAK Paints where the salary was close to 1 lac and I know lots of people who are being paid over 1 lac. So it’s not a matter of living standards, it’s a matter of politics.

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