A Five Month-Long Voyage



So after I quit my last job, I enjoyed a long vacation where the mornings were pleasant and quiet. The evenings, equally comfy and relaxing. I had more time to appreciate my wife and kid, alhamdulillah.

So five months went by in a blink of an eye. During this time, I’ve attended numerous interviews and got to meet a lot of shitty people who are highly contributing to the already corrupted employment system. Needless to say, I never even considered them.

Enter Executive

While browsing the web for a job, I’ve come across this interesting post that said the office was in my area. There’s nothing better in Dhaka than having your workplace near to your home. It seems the company was called ETI BD, short for Executive Trade International Bangladesh. That’s a mouthful, right there.

So this organization dealt with education consultancy and had been in the business since 2001, which is a pretty big deal if you ask me. So I was invited for a cup of coffee and not an interview. Notice the culture.

I said bismillah and went to have my cup of coffee. The office looked really good compared to all the other offices I’ve been to in the past five months. It was neat and clean, two dudes seemed like security guards and three female employees. After about half an hour (enough time to enjoy my coffee), I was called to the director’s office. I was greeted by a decent looking gentleman, he asked me to take a seat and there we began our conversation.

The usual, please.

My boat was smooth sailing until I saw a few major icebergs (suddenly appearing from nowhere). He needed a computer software operator, not a competent designer. He had this weird habit of sharing branding and design work with his employees in order to get their opinions, and guess what? None of them are from a design or art background. They all spoke out of their whims and fancies.

I was quickly thrown off by this strange idea, however, I needed the money to support my family. Yeah, money is a bitch. Since it was near to my home, which meant no transportation costs, I asked for a decent amount of salary. He agreed with it and emphasized on the quality of work. All good eh?

A week later, he called me and said we need to meet. Rather than asking me to go to the office, the guy came to my place. Very kind and clever of him. It seemed, that he can’t fire the previous dude. Why post a job vacancy, right? Go figure.

Anyways, he made it seem like the boss cared about the other dude’s source of income and whatnot, thus they can’t fire him. So he offered me to work from home in exchange for reduced compensation. Why am I not surprised?

So after carefully giving this a thought, I agreed (like I had any choice). The landlord’s frequent visits were becoming kinda annoying, too. I asked for a considerably small amount since I was working from home and as a part-timer. But he showed generosity and increased on it a little.

It’s a trap!

As usual, after a few days of normal work, they started with the expectations. They wanted high-quality shit for that measly amount of money. As a Muslim, I wanted to be honest with them and tried my best to help with their branding and some quality motion graphics. Hell, I even modeled and rendered a fully 3D scene just for one social media post. Rather than appreciating that effort, they started expecting more.

I was called once again to my employer’s office to discuss an oncoming project. During which, he pointed out a very interesting fact. He said, “I pay a lot of money in salaries. These girls are highly qualified with MBA’s and won’t work for cheap money.” That’s good to know he’s maintaining a standard, however, he offered me 1/4th of what they’re being paid. Funny world.

I told this to Yoda, and this was his expression.

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